Message From The CHAIRMAN:

Young children education plays a pivotal role in the life of the parents and students. We desire to go higher and higher in the quality and standard of education. Better and Happier education brings better changes in the history of the developing countries. It was my dream to establish an ideal institute. I shall by the Grace of God, brings the name of the Raj International Educational Institute® (Trust) at the top of the educational institutions of the country with my brilliant, talented and hard working team. New methodologies and techniques are going to be adopted by the faculty to develop the personalities of the young future leaders, not forgetting the moral fiber and self-discipline. We not always build the future of our youth but we build our youth for the future.

The RIEI is organized for the purpose of educating young people specially Girls for a satisfying and productive life. The challenge of RIEI is to recognize the unique qualities of each student as an individual and to assist the student in developing some sense of self-worth. Education should stimulate the student to develop those attitudes, skills, ideals, and understandings, which will help him or her to become a useful and knowledgeable citizen. The center will always affirm high moral, educational, and ethical standards. An integral part of the program at the RIEI is the Counseling Team. This team will work with the Educational Team to ensure that all students receive a quality education. The Administrative Team along with other stakeholders will assist the Educational and Counseling Team in carrying out RIEI mission and goals. As a total community (all stakeholders), the RIEI should seek to incorporate innovative and creative methods of meeting the individual needs of all students. It is certainly my hope that we touch each student’s life in such a way that the youngster recognizes his/her inappropriate action and uses the knowledge imparted to become a productive member of society.

We must …

  • seek new and innovative teaching techniques and strategies to challenge, motivate, and educate our students
  • work as a team cooperatively and collaboratively to ensure a quality education for all students
  • develop strategies for improving the skill levels of our students
  • address the concerns of students based on their social, intellectual, emotional and physical needs
  • work with the parents and the community to encourage them to become an integral part of the students’ educational lives
  • create an environment that is always conducive to learning
  • plan rewards for good attendance and excellent achievement Together, we can make a Difference in the Lives of Young People Specially Girls